Studied at University of Holy Spirit (Kaslik, Lebanon) and received a Bachelor in Visual Art (Option: Photography) in 2011.
Fast forward for today and you will find that Joseph Abdo has developed a wide range of experience not only as a freelancer, but also as an artist capable of making his personal touch as a professional photographer. 
In his question for knowledge and challenge, he participated in many televised music videos

as photographer with celebrities such as Miriam Fares, Nancy Ajram, Maysam Nahas, Shada Hassoun, Asmara, Pascale Machaalani and others plus the Lebanese Cinema Movie Tannoura Maxi.
Beside televised projects, Joseph found passion in shooting a variety of projects to explore his artistic potentials such as food & beverage and industrial locations documentations.
Due to the experience Joseph manage to collect, he was offered to work in many projects with MBC, Media Mania and others which allow him to exercise a wide range of skills for a promising future.
Now Joseph lives between Lebanon and Abu Dhabi holds the title of director of photography in many TV programs. In his leisure, he works as a freelancer looking for new challenging projects to show his creativity.


"Hiring a photographer is not only about a person behind a camera, at least not for Joseph Abdo."